Yoga Meditation

Join us for a practice in mindfulness... to find yourself content within your body, present in the moment, to explore and savor the gift of embodiment, and to taste the sweetness of simply being. Space is held for you to have an experience of feeling safe, allowing you to reflect, witness, and deepen the relationship you have with your inner awareness. This guided meditation may begin with gentle movements to help prepare your body for deeper relaxation. This is a donation-based meditation class one Monday per month.

Schedule: Monday, August 21, 7:15p, Cura
                 Monday, September 18, 7:15p, Cura
                 Monday, October 16, 7:15p, Cura
                 Monday, November 13, 7:15p
                 Monday, December 11, 7:15p

Prepare For Class 

To respect your practice, the practice of other students, and our community practice space, please:

  • Do your best to refrain from eating food up to 60 minutes prior to class.
  • Stay hydrated before and after class.
  • Bring a water bottle.
  • Bring a yoga mat.
  • Arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to scheduled class start time.
  • Turn mobile phones to vibrate, silent, or off position and leave all belongings in cubbies outside studio doors.
  • Remove shoes and socks for class.
  • Smile, enjoy, and honor your own body and practice!
  • Appreciate the enoughness of all your body does for you.

AcmeYoga Philosophy

Acme Yoga Company offers a safe, accessible, physical (hatha) yoga practice to meet students where they are. Think of it as yoga at "your speed".  All are welcome, from brand new beginners, to those seeking stress and anxiety reduction, to those seeking relief from pain, to individuals and couples seeking emotional healing, as well as athletes seeking to expand their physical function through the integration of strength, flexibility, balance, breathing, and mind/body connection.

Yoga Yin class offers physical and mental relief; focus on healing your body by clearing your body's energetic pathways, opening joints, lengthening the spine, enhancing strength, stability, and balance, improving mind-body connection through meditative awareness and breathing.  Yoga for Mobility and Stability focuses on joint and spine mobility and stability, customized for your level, your body, your group.  Group classes are available weekly at Yoga Six Kansas City.  One meditation class per month is available at Cura Integrative Health Care. Private yoga sessions are great for individuals, couples, small or large groups, events, retreats, and custom programs for sports clubs.

Yoga Yin

This class focuses on connective tissues and enhancing energy flow through your body.  Both healing and meditative in nature, this class is designed for people who are looking to better understand how their body “operates” from the inside out, to aid in a safer and healthier yoga practice, as well as day to day living. With open energy channels, you may experience guided meditation comes with greater ease.

YogaFor Stability and Mobility

Preventative and healing in nature, these classes provide the appropriate physical and energetic emphases to promote health and healing... body, mind, and soul.

​Yoga For Life

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